Government intensifies rainwater harvesting

At least 5 million cubic meters of rainwater has been harvested in the country’s main dams this rainy season.

This was disclosed by the ministry of agriculture,irrigation and water development spokesperson Hamilton Chimala.

Chimala told YFM that Bwanje, Mpira and other dams have been rehabilitated for about 3 years and are now storing a lot of water.

At a time most parts of the country are receiving heavy downpours the ministry of agriculture,irrigation and water development has intensified rainwater harvesting activities.

The water that is being reserved will enable farmers to do winter cropping and some will be used for irrigation farming.

He also called on farmers to consult their extension officers in the department of irrigation should they need expertise for dam construction and water storage.

Apart from water harvesting, Chimala advised farmers to capitalize on the rains and plant a variety of crops so that they get bumper yields.

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