Farmers urged to seek knowledge on cash crops

Synthesis Agriculture, a horticulture firm, has advised farmers in the country to always seek knowledge on crops that they intend to grow in order to be successful.

Synthesis Agriculture Managing Director Dickson Kilowe made the assertion while commenting how best the country can revamp the banana industry which has been greatly hurt by the Banana Bunchy Top Virus (BBTV).

As the country is recovering from the impact of BBTV YFM sought insight on how farmers can properly adapt to such type of situations.

Kilowe says that it is imperative that farmers have adequate knowledge on the banana crop which will allow them to understand how to handle the crop hence maximizing productivity and achieving demand.

“Farmers need to have the acquired knowledge on banana farming because they are dealing with different and new varieties of the crop and when they attain the knowledge it will not be a big issue to produce quality bananas,” said Kilowe.

He also said this is important to any type of crop that farmers know exactly what they want to farm and how to farm it so that they are not caught unawares of any problems that may occur as they farm.

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