Zomba Stadium will not be ready soon

Zomba residents will have to wait longer for Super League matches following the delay in the upgrading of Zomba Community Center Ground into a modern stadium.

Initially, Zomba City Council (ZCC) planned to construct a 5,000 capacity stadium but the plan was shifted to a 20,000 seater stadium which is half of Bingu Stadium’s capacity.

Speaking to YFM, ZCC Chief Executive Officer, Mussa Mwale said the project will take more than a year to complete.

Mwale admitted that residents in the city have for over three seasons been denied the opportunity to watch games at home.

“The issue of stadium is at heart of the management including the ministry itself, this is a presidential directive and it will be done,” he said.

Mwale said the current plan was given a nod by the state president through the ministry of sports and that what is remaining is the commencement of the second phase which is erecting stands for the stadium.

“In terms of timeline, it is a national project so it will take at least one year maybe more for the facility to be operational but we are consulting with the contractor on what areas we can concentrate on so that the stadium should be in operation the soonest,” he said.

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