Parliament passes resolution on absenteeism

In a bit to deal with absenteeism in the 2019 – 2024 cohort of the National Assembly, the Business Committee of Parliament has passed a resolution to be complied by any member absenting from the deliberations.

The Business Committee which met on Wednesday resolved that both party Whips and Speaker will be responsible for approving application for leave of absence.

Making the announcement in the House, Second Deputy Speaker Aisha Adams said the committee deliberated on issues to do with absenteeism in both preliminary as well as committee meetings by Members of Parliament (MPs) for various reasons.

“In line with Standing Order 41, members will be required to seek leave of absence, members will have to complete special designed forms for consideration approval by the Right Honourable Speaker, political party Whips will be vital in theĀ  approval process of the application for leave of absence,” Adams said.

Speaking to YFM on the development, Leader of the House Kondwani Nankhumwa has expressed optimism that the move will help in reducing abscondment of deliberations by legislators.

In addition, Nankhumwa said allowances will be deducted from all lawmakers will not be in attendance of the deliberations.

“What will follow are the Standing Orders we have Standing Orders are very clear that allowances are going to be deducted from such an individual,” said Nankhumwa.

Detailed attendance forms for specific MPs have been designed by the Secretariat that are going to be filled by lawmakers who would like to take leave through writing.

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