Avoid insults in Parliament – Speaker

Members of Parliament (MPs) have been advised to refrain from discussing people who are not in the House when they are in course of their deliberations.

According to Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Gotani Hara, legislators are not supposed to talk about people who cannot defend themselves in House.

In an interview with YFM, MP for Zomba Changalume John Chikalimba who rose on a point of order, said it is unlawful for the lawmakers to be insulting people who are not in the House.

“There is a great concern to my sightseeing people [Members] insulting those that cannot defend themselves,” wondered Chikalimba.

Chikalimba has however advised the newly elected legislators to desist from mentioning individuals who are not familiar with the deliberations in the House.

“All I am saying is that if you come here during your first time, you better take your time first, don’t just jump and start talking things that you don’t really know because one day you will be a former Member of Parliament,” cautioned Chikalimba.

Newly elected legislators are meeting for the first time in the 48th Session of the National Assembly and the 2019/2020 Budget Meeting.

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