Mzimba North DHO targets 92,000 children in health week

At least 92,000 under five children in Mzimba are expected to benefit from the distribution of vitamin A during the Child Health Week from 15th to 19th July this year.

Apart from the children 6,000 postnatal mothers are expected to benefit from the activity.

Speaking to YFM, Mzimba North District Health Officer (DHO) George Nundwe said the aim is to ensure that under five children who are a vulnerable group, have a recommended level of health.

Nundwe said every year the office needs at least K30 million for the activities but due to lack of funds, they only use K10 million for both activities with K5 million for each.

Apart from vitamin A, the children are also supplemented with micronutrient powder and Abendazon.

The child health week is observed biannually with the aim of ensuring that children under five are not malnourished.

The program started in early 2000s and has since helped ensure that the health of most children is within the recommended level.

In Mzimba, 27 health centers are targeted during each of the activities.

Apart from the 92 under five children, 51 thousand children who are not more than 2 years are also provided with supplements as well as women have have just given birth in 8 weeks or less.

The program is done with help from save the children, GZI, Plan International and UNICEF.

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