Environmentalist hails budget on carbon tax

By Julius Caleone Mbewe

Local environmental activists have applauded a move by government on the introduction of Carbon Tax on local and foreign motor vehicles.

Presenting the 2019/220 National Budget estimates in parliament, Finance Minister, Joseph Mwanamvekha, said the Carbon Tax will be calculated based on the engine capacity of the motor vehicle and the applicable rates ranging from K4,000 to K11,500 will be published in the Gazette.

Commenting on the development, acting Executive Director of the Coordination Unit for the Rehabilitation of the Environment (CURE), Reginald Mumba, said the move is a progress towards addressing challenges of climate change in the country.

“It’s a welcomed development in as far as fight against climate change challenges are concerned and is a step-forward as a nation,” said Mumba.

Mumba added that government needs to use some of the accumulated taxes for conservation of the country`s environment.

According to Mumba, there is need for concerted efforts in making sure that the government`s environmental blueprint is effectively implemented.

He therefore called on Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), to work together in sensitising the general public, more especially the vehicle owners, to avoid using cars that emit more carbon gases.

Emission of industrial and vehicle gases into the atmosphere and uncontrolled cutting down of trees are among the contributing factors to climate change in Malawi.

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