Zathu band donates to Chilanga school for the blind

By Julius Caleone Mbewe

Zathu band has donated assorted items to learners at Chilanga school for the blind in Kasungu district as one way of improving education standards and supporting less privileged pupils.

The donation was made on the sidelines of this year`s international youth day commemoration held at the school premises on Monday.

One of the Band members, Jonathan Kelvin Pangani, (AKA JP) said the youthful grouping thought of coming up with the gesture, to encourage and inspire the learners in their education.

Pangani said: “As you know Zathu band, we support all the youth regardless of their status, and we thought it wise to come and help Chilanga school for the blind to assist in promoting their health living.”

Upon receiving the donation, head teacher for the school, Elanisha Zilambala, expressed gratitude with the donation saying it will help to ease some challenges that learners are facing.

She further called on other partners and Malawians of goodwill to emulate the good gesture.

“Our learners have been lacking items such as buckets for washing and bathing and we are grateful with this assistance which is timely.

“We don’t have enough learning materials as you know we use special materials such as brail therefore we appeal to all well-wishers to borrow a leaf from Zathu Band,” appealed Zilambala.

Chilanga School for the Blind, which was established in 1952, has 61 low vision and total blind students.

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