Government commits to ending child marriages

Government through the Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare has reassured the nation of its tireless efforts in ending child marriages in the country.

The Minister responsible, Mary Thom Navicha, said this after visiting a minor at YONECO’s safe place, who was forced into marriage and has given birth at the age of 11.

Navicha said; “It is very shocking to note that some people are still forcing their children into marriage despite several interventions and advocacies to end the malpractice.”

“This is very uncalled for and my ministry will not relent and watch children continue suffering and their lives and dreams being shattered, I will see to it that justice prevails on this matter.”

Further to this, Navicha has vowed that she will see to it that the young girl together with her baby receive all the necessary support including sending the girl back to school.

Meanwhile, all the people who were involved in the process of consenting the marriage including the parents of the girl, the parents of the boy who got her pregnant and the Group Village Headman are in police custody awaiting trial.

Investigations on the 22-year-old man who fathered the baby are still underway as he freed after he got wind of the story.

However, further to this the minister has refuted the rumors and a picture of a girl which has been circulating on the social media that a young girl has given birth at Machinga District Hospital.

Navicha said their investigations have found that the said girl in the picture is not Malawian.

She has since cautioned the public on posting and publicizing pictures of victims or survivors of child marriage saying doing so harms the reputation of the person which can affect their wellbeing and development.

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