Harmony to improve mental health literacy

A renowned clinical psychologist in the country has established an organization, Harmony-Mental Wellness Solutions which will provide mental health education.

The psychologist Dr Chiwoza Bandawe told YONECO FM online that teachers, faith leaders and other key people in society will trained on how to recognize mental disorders and also where to seek help.

“We will be holding seminars with this group in order to equip them with basic skills that will enable them to detect mental disorders.”

“For teachers, we want them to identify children who are struggling because we know most mental health issues are not detected though  they begin between 12 to 24 age group and  go unnoticed,” Bandawe added.

Bandawe said this will also address the issue of inadequate mental health professionals in the country.

He also said people in the country know about the importance of mental health and are able to talk about it.

“There is change in terms of stigma, these days people are able to associate with those that have mental disorders.”

Bandawe also hinted on plans to educate people who will take mental health education to rural areas.

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