NEF ambassador speaks on 2019 science week

Malawi and other 30 countries will from November 27 observe the Africa Science week.

The week will be fully packed with science activities according to the Next Einstein Forum Ambassador NEF Chikondi Shaba.

Shaba said the week is important because they will be disseminating information on science issues to the youth and communities.

“A lot will be happening this week, we will be showcasing new innovations in science and technology.”

She also spoke about reaching out to the employers to create an environment conducive for female scientists to work in.

Shaba  encouraged youths to take keen interest in sciences.

“It is very important for the youth to have a positive attitude towards sciences we are hoping that the activities this week will spark their interest in sciences.”

She also appealed for support from well-wishers so that the event should be successful .

The week will be commemorated under the theme “Igniting the power of science”.

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