Met warns of thunderstorms

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services says most areas across the country will likely receive scattered thunderstorms in the next six days.

The Director in the department Jolamu Nkhokwe told Yoneco Fm that the scattered thunderstorms will be across the southern and central regions while the Northern areas will receive isolated thunderstorms.

“This weather is being influenced by the passage of convergence of airflows from the South East and the North East,” he said.

Nkhokwe said during the month of December it is expected that the country will receive moderate rainfall.

He has since advised the general public to observe all the safety measures instructions it offers to avoid rain related accidents.

“As we will be experiencing thunderstorms, thunderstorms are associated with lightening, thunder and strong winds and high ground areas there will be fog therefore let us be careful,” said Nkhokwe.

Fishermen have also been advised not to go out in the water if a storm is about to start, further to this the department is reminding everyone to pay close attention to the daily weather updates.

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