Exclude fear in COVID-19 fight – Psychologist

A psychologist has advised people in the country to embrace hope amid increasing public fears following second wave of Coronavirus.

The advice follows a surge in registered Coronavirus positive cases, admissions and deaths the country has been experiencing for the past weeks.

Commenting on the development, the St John of God Hospital based psychologist Ndumanene Devlin Silungwe says people need to approach the pandemic with hope.

“We need to approach this situation with hope and pragmatism in terms of those that are making decisions, I think we should avoid making decisions that will be pushed by emotions.

The number of those that have been infected versus the mortality rate, that really gives us hope to know that if we get infected, chances are very high that we are going to survive,” said Silungwe.

Silungwe said research has it that facing Coronavirus with fear will only lead to damage of the body`s immunity.

“It is important that we should not be controlled by fear, because when we are controlled by fear we destroy our own immunity.

So by the time we get infected by any disease be it COVID-19 or any other disease if the disease finds us already fearful our immunity would have already have been broken and shattered so important to look on the side of reality and hope,” said Silungwe.

Meanwhile, the country continues registering positive COVID-19 cases and deaths.

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