Government decries Covid-19 discrimination

Government has appealed to people in the country to desist from discriminating people who were diagnosed with Coronavirus including their families.

According to the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19, much as the country is trying to win the fight against the pandemic, it has been discovered that stigma and discrimination is constraining the efforts.

“In additional to the issues around in our country due to the virus we are struggling with, stigma is also one of those, please let`s avoid stigma and discrimination, discriminating those that have suffered before or their families.

“Actually, we should be encouraging them to get psychosocial support and we are by ourselves naturally good counselors let`s support each other,” said Dr John Phuka, co-chairperson of the Taskforce.

Dr Phuka, who told journalists in Lilongwe on Thursday evening, said that people who have suffered the virus are experiencing mental challenges because of stigma and discrimination.

He added that the ministry has a form structure where counselling takes place and people are encouraged to use that too.

“But there is also formal structured counseling going on through the Ministry of Health, and if you can’t help them to access, please help them to reach out by calling the number 929,” said Dr Phuka.

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