Schools to reopen Monday

The Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 has directed that all schools should reopen next Monday after five weeks of closure.

Minister of Health Khumbize Chiponda made the announcement on Wednesday evening during the daily Covid-19 update.

Chiponda said the Taskforce reached at the decision following a decline in the country`s Covid-19 positivity rate which is now at 16.2 %.

She urged parents to comply with a directive by some schools to students to provide negative Covid-19 test before they are enrolled back.

Speaking at the briefing, Minister of Education Agnes NyaLonje said the Ministry has instituted a number of preventive measures which will ensure that both students and teachers are protected from coronavirus.

“With the financing we have received this time around through the Covid-19 Taskforce, my Ministry has made money available directly to schools through zone accounts to procure soaps, masks, buckets where buckets need replacing to make sure that when school open, this things are in place, “stressed Nyalonje.

Independent Schools Association of Malawi (Isama) president Joseph Patel said independent schools are ready to comply with government`s instituted Covid-19 preventative measures in order to protect both students and teachers.

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