Witchdoctor jailed for aiding defilement

The First Grade Magistrate’s Court in Lilongwe has sentenced a 52-year old witchdoctor to two years in prison for aiding his assistant to defile a 13-year old girl.

According to the State, the convict, Ackim Abraham was hired to fortify the house against alleged witchcraft practices but ended up aiding his younger assistant, who is currently at large, to defile the girl as a ritual to fortify the house of the survivor`s mother.

Namitete Police Post Prosecution Officer Sub Inspector Steve Galleta told the court that Abraham committed the crime on 16 June 2020 at Sinumbe Village in Traditional Authority Kalolo.

The state further asked the court to impose a maximum sentence which is three years imprisonment, arguing Abraham lacked parental obligation as he helped his assistant defile the survivor.

In her determination, First Grade Magistrate Diana Mangwana agreed with the State which paraded three witnesses in the case and condemned Abraham for his actions hence sentencing him to two years in jail.

Meanwhile, Lilongwe Police Station Deputy Public Relations Officer Sergeant Foster Benjamin says the State is satisfied with the sentencing as the convict was proven guilty on a charge of accessory after the fact.

“As the State, we are very much satisfied with ruling that came on Tuesday, you know this case is a misdemeanor which attracts a maximum sentence of three years imprisonment, so the Court has meted out the two year prison sentence.

“So, actually it speaks above 80 percent so as the State we are very much satisfied and we applaud the Court for giving out such sentence,” said Sergeant Benjamin.

Abraham comes from Kamwendo Village in Phalombe District.

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