K6.2bn Covid-19 funds audit report ready in a month – Chakwera

President Lazarus Chakwera has said the forensic audit into alleged embezzlement of K6.2 billion COVID-19 funds will take one month to be concluded.

Chakwera has since repeated that he will not favour anyone found on the wrong side of the law by the audit but he shall let the wheels of justice to roll.

“The audit itself will take about a month to complete, as it involves two phases, the first of which will focus on validation of the report from the Presidential Task Force, while the second will focus on investigating how every kwacha was spent, by whom, and whether the spending was lawful.

Upon completion of the independent audit, any public officers associated with wrongdoing will be dealt with and face the law,” he said.

The president, who was speaking on Sunday night in Lilongwe, highlighted that heads of clusters and controlling officers have been interdicted over their failure to comply with the his directive to submit Covid-19 expenditure reports.

“I directed him [Secretary to the President and Cabinet; Zanga-Zanga Chikhosi] to also interdict the controlling officers whose clusters had not been complying with my instruction for them to submit weekly expenditure reports on their allocation of the money disbursed to them by Treasury last month,” said Chakwera.

The president has also condemned the recent beating of ambulance drivers and health personnel in frontline of the pandemic.

“As we come to terms with these deaths, I must strongly condemn the recent beating of ambulance drivers and health personnel during their routine delivery of the remains of those who died of Covid-19.

“It is to the credit of our health workers that we are able to bury those who die of Covid-19 in a way that does not expose the living to infection,” said Chakwera.

According to Chakwera, the African Union’s Envoy on Africa’s Response to Covid -19 has guaranteed us 100,000 vaccines for frontline health workers.

He added that although the delivery of the consignment has been delayed by 7 days, the country is on track to receive it by the end of this month along with 1.5 million doses of the vaccine that the nation is expected to receive around the same time.

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