Minister cautions parents on negligence of children

Government has warned parents who fail to look after their children and scot them free to live and beg in the streets that they will face the law.

According to the Minister of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare Patricia Kaliati, most children who are found loitering in the streets are a result of negligence by their wards.

Kaliati told YFM that currently government is removing all children in the streets and that all those children who have wards will be traced and be answerable.

“At first the problem was that we connected them to their parents, within two days they are out and we are removing them.

“And we have agreed that whoever a child is having a parent and the child is in the streets we will trace up and arrest the parent, so it’s a process and we are doing it,” said Kaliati.

The Social Welfare Minister added that authorities have apprehended all those children who contravened with the law and that they are current at different reformation centers in the Country.

“As of now we have done in Blantyre, Zomba, Mzuzu and Lilongwe some are at Rehabilitation Center, some are at Mpemba, some are at Mvumbwe those who are big and they are in the conflict of the law,” disclosed Kaliati.

Poverty is one of the contributing factors that see most parents leaving off taking care their own children.

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