Teachers resume strike

Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) on Tuesday resumed their strike following government’s failure to provide personal protective equipment in form of cash-costed packages.

TUM president Willy Malimba said the strike follows the expiry of a seven-day ultimatum to government. 

“We had an agreement with government that it will give us money for us to buy personal protective equipment`s, but till two weeks we had no response,” he said.

Malimba said they wrote government to remind them of the said agreement.

“We wrote the government and gave them seven days which come to an end on Thursday 1 April with no response, surprisingly we saw a communication that they are not going to give us the money,” said Malimba.

He said they were hoping that government will give teachers money for purchasing personal protective equipment’s-PPE`s within the said period which they have failed showing that they do not care about teachers and children.

“Up to 5th April there was no communication that’s why we have staged the strike until government decides otherwise,” said Malimba. 

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