PACE for Social Change reaches out to learners amid strike

As education continue to be disrupted in public schools due to the ongoing teachers strike, a non governmental organization has stepped up it’s efforts in helping learners make up for the time being lost.

Speaking to YFM, Gibson Chisale, PACE for Social Change executive director said it is sad that learners in public schools continue being out of school while their counterparts in private schools are learning.

“Learners in public schools tend to miss a lot during strikes as well as Covid 19 pandemic holidays hence the need for these programs,” said Chisale.

He said it is against this background that his organization has engaged an extra gear in reaching out to public schools to assist teachers provide extra classes for students.

As he explains, the organization seeks to assist players in the education sector to find ways with which to continue offering education in times of pandemics.

Mwayiwawo Mkata, a representative of the Primary Education Advisor for Kaviwale Education Zone in Mzuzu said the initiative is a right move towards improving education among primary school learners.

The project is set to benefit standard Three to Six learners with a targeted population of over 1350 learners in three primary schools of Mageza, Chibavi and Chiwanja.

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