Tobacco sales drop in week 14

There was a slight dip in prices for all tobacco types in week 14 of the tobacco market compared to week 13, this is according to an update from AHL Tobacco Sales LTD.

The weekly average selling price dropped to 1 dollar 51 cents per kilogram as compared to 1 dollar 64 cents per kilogram in week 13.

However, despite this being the case the cumulative seasonal average price of all tobacco types remains at 1 dollar 64 cents.

As of week 14, 108 million kilograms of tobacco have been traded generating 142.9 billion kwacha this is more than what was realized last year during the same period when the market managed to rake in 113.8 billion kwacha from 92.7 million kilograms.

Meanwhile as of 27 July, 2021 the cumulative 109.9 kilograms have been sold at an average price of 1 dollar 62 cents per kilogram and the revenue generated is K145.9 billion.

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