Let victims of trafficking be heard-Ng’ombo

A call has gone out to government and stakeholders working on issues of Trafficking In Persons (TIP) to take on board thoughts from survivors of human trafficking.

In an interview with YONECO FM online, executive director for People Serving Girls at Risk Caleb Ng’ombo said, voices of survivors are not being heard which makes it difficult to tailor programmes on ending trafficking to the needs on the ground.

“We are losing a lot by not engaging these survivors because they are the experts, they faced the vice and have a better understanding on why they were trafficked,” said Ng’ombo.

“Whenever we come in it’s just based on empirical evidence, we go in communities with our own assumptions and write reports which we purport to be underlying factors.

“It is high time we brought the survivors on the discussion table so we can get vivid examples that will determine what programmes we can implement in relation to TIP,” he said.

The World Day against Trafficking In Person’s is being commemorated under the theme “Victims voices lead the way”

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