St John of God proposes establishment of National Suicide Prevention Strategy

Amid rising cases of suicide in the country, St John of God is proposing the need for the country to develop a National Suicide Prevention Strategy.

Officials from the institution made the proposal at an interface meeting with the parliamentary committee on health where the two bodies were brainstorming ideas on how to end increasing cases of suicide.

Programmes Manager for St John of God Mwawi Ng’oma said the strategy would help the country have a clear road map on how to deal with suicide cases resulting from mental instability.

Ng’oma also said there is need to review the alcohol policy considering that currently a lot of underage children are abusing alcohol and drugs which is also contributing to mental health challenges.

In his remarks, chairperson for the Health Committee of Parliament Mathews Ngwale has welcomed the idea and said stakeholders including the ministry of health should consider taking it on board.

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