Government amazed by planned Mzuzu demos

Government says it has learnt with displeasure a move by organisers to proceed with the street protests in Mzuzu against the rising cost of living.

According to government spokesperson Gospel Kazako, the recent dialogue which cabinet ministers had with one of the organisers Bon Kalindo was meant to provide a continued platform for constructive dialogue ahead of their protests scheduled for Friday in Mzuzu.

“The motivation for their going for demonstration was lack of a platform to engage government and we provided that platform and we also discuss a number of issues in fact there are some of the issues we started addressing immediately after the discussions,” said Kazako.

“Several other issues were discussed, some are long term some medium term and all that we need to continue with the process of dialoging and engagement.”

Kazako, who has recognised demonstrations as a human right in relation to the country`s Constitution, said it is only through mutual engagement where such misunderstandings can be resolved.

The government spokesperson has since questioned the motivation behind the protests having earlier provided a platform for dialogue.

“Now the question that we are having is what their motivation is? Because people go out to demonstrate because they want be heard and make their point clear,” said Kazako.

“We were there because whatever they have been demonstrating for were issues that are affecting government and this is why we made ourselves available.”

Meanwhile, Kalindo has vowed to proceed with the Mzuzu anti-government protests.

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