Chakwera should disclose source of funds

A good governance analyst Ernest Thindwa has called on President Lazarus Chakwera to disclose his source of funds whenever he is supporting various initiatives.

Thindwa made the remarks following a pledge by President Chakwera to give 1 million Kwacha to each player who will play in the match against Senegal if the team qualifies for the next round of African Cup of Nations.

Speaking to YFM Thindwa said for transparency purposes, the president needs to indicate whether the money is coming from his pockets or the public coffers.

Thindwa said: “It is important for the president to state the source of the money, is it personal money? Or government money. That is very important.

“Because if it is government money the people need to know which vault will the money come from and that is significant.”

He however applauded the President for the gesture as it is a motivating factor for the players to do well in the match.

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