Green Belt initiative not helping Malawi – Parliament

The Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises says it is surprising for Malawi to be experiencing cases of food insecurity despite much resources invested in Green Belt Initiative.

According to the Committee, it is worrisome to observe that in spite of rolling out the multi-billion-kwacha Initiative years ago, the country has registered little progress.

“We have been hearing about the Initiative for some time now in Malawi if we are serious with that, by now we should have get rid hunger,” said the Committee`s chairperson Isaac Kaneka.

“But we are saying why are we still having hunger in Malawi while we have invested much in the Green Belt Initiative, we have observed that there too many inconstancies

Whilst acknowledging the anomalies in the Initiative, Secretary to the Office of President and Cabinet Zanga-Zanga Chikhosi said authorities are working on addressing the inefficiencies.

Meanwhile, Salima Sugar Company, which is under the Initiative is yet to settle down a US$ 17 million.

The Company is reported to have paid US$6 million out of the US$17 million remaining with US$ 11 million.

Meanwhile, Chikhosi has told the Committee that his office will be updating the lawmakers on progress of addressing the bottlenecks.

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