Indiscipline among students worries Parliament

Member of Parliament for Chitipa South Welani Chilenga has bemoaned lack of discipline among students across the country’s schools

Speaking in Parliament on Thursday, the lawmaker said it is worrying to note that most learners are becoming unruly in the name of democracy.

He said: “With the coming in of democracy, things have completely changed, it’s not the way things used to be in our time, this time there is no discipline in our schools.

“Teachers are finding it very difficult to control even small kids at primary schools, they are unruly and worse still it is their parents who are joining them once a primary school teacher tries to control a pupil.”

In an interview, Chilenga has cautioned that if nothing is done to curb the vice, the country risks degenerating into disaster.

“As a country, if nothing is done, I think we are going to bread a very bad crop of leaders,” he said.

But in her response, Minister of Education Agnes NyaLonje said her ministry is seriously working on strengthening relationship among parents, teachers and community.

“My ministry is making sure that the Code of Conduct that is supposed to be followed is followed because there are rules that the schools have and the learners alongside their parents are informed the of the rules.

“Under the governance and management objective of the Ministry we are seeking to strengthen our working with parents and communities to make sure that together we can look at the whole issue of discipline and make sure that learning takes place,” she said.

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