Common features of Lilongwe hip hop

Most top hip hop artists from the capital city have arguably been using the same style which has given rise to the brand Lilongwe hip hop based on what people perceive as common features among rappers from the city.

True to this, rapper Martse was last year quoted as telling the local media after claiming the Urban Music Party Award for song of the year with his song Mwano, that there is something common about Lilongwe hip hop.

This was after the interviewer hinted about hip hop artists from Lilongwe taking over the industry since Gwamba was also recognised with an artist of the year award at the same event.

People have argued that renowned rappers like Gwamba, Macelba, and Krayzie G use the same style that you can only tell who it is based on voice. This has sparked unanswered questions as to who pioneered the style.

The said rappers are synonymous with rapping in vernacular language and mostly work with the same producers.

Malceba argues there is no ‘Lilongwe touch.’ And his music is exceptional.
For instance, Gwamba and Macelba have been working with DJ Sley in most of their projects, a factor that is considered to have made the two indistinguishable.

Macelba who has become another artist for the people following his behaviour of releasing hit after hit, refutes the claim that his style falls in what people call Lilongwe type of hip hop. He considers himself creative in his own class.

In an exclusive interview with Malawi24, the Alamu anu hit-maker challenges people to listen to his Wina ndi wina, Mwala, and his latest hit singles to establish how unique he is.

“Check Wina ndi wina, Mwala and the recent singles I have done. I have created my own sound, I am creative in my own way, so are the rest of the artists you have mentioned.”

Zi Celba ndi zanyimbo as he is popularly known, prefers the label Malawian type to Lilongwe type because his music overcomes social demarcations as it reaches to more.

“Lilongwe type? I wouldn’t call it that, Malawi type I would say, the reach out to everybody type,” the artist said.

He therefore advises upcoming artists to be creative enough if they are to rise, saying they should come up with something unique that will differentiate them from everyone.

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