Majestic Annie Kansiime Floods BICC: Hundreds Watch Her While Standing After The Venue Was Filled To Capacity

Two years ago Concept Creative, an events management firm invited Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime in the country to perform, having been impressed by what the self-styled comedian put on display during the time, this year they invited her again.

And just like she did during her maiden tour of duty in Malawi, the ‘Africa’s Queen of Comedy’ did not disappoint either when she performed on Saturday evening at a sold out concert in Lilongwe at the Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC).

During her performance, Kansiime at her joking best touched on many issues with an underlining Malawian feel in it from social, religion to political happenings in the country all which contributed to adding a local connection on her performance.

It was a worthy return for the audience who were left in stitches of laughter throughout her performance judging from the warm response they accorded the multiple award winning talented performer.

And after her endearing performance, it was not only her who won over the affections of the audience, but she was pleased too with the turn out and response she got on the night and she has promised to come again in the country.

“Malawians are the warmest people I have ever met, they practically put you on heat and they are ready to laugh. When you are surrounded by Malawians the love that you get and feel is too much.

“I had an amazing time on stage and I cannot wait to be invited to perform in this country again. And mind if you do not call me I will come without an invitation trust me,” said Kansiime in a post show interview.

She however, did admit that this time around she felt a certain degree of pressure to sustain the love and appreciation with the Malawian audience which was built during her first performance in 2014.

“When I came at first all I knew was that Malawi loved me and I just had to be on stage and show them how it goes like. But now I had the pressure to prove, to show them and give them a reason why they should continue loving me,” said the 29 year old comedian.

One member of the audience who turned up for the show, Michael Chomboto of area 36 in Lilongwe was out of words after the show having been stunned what he saw.

“This lady is amazing and exceptionally gifted. You cannot help but marvel at the way she goes about her jokes, it is so natural and being here was worthy it,” said Chomboto. (By Brian Itai, Mana)

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