Experts call for civic education on national budget

Despite government through the Ministry of Finance putting effort in organizing pre-budget consultative meetings, experts are still expressing dissatisfaction over inadequate information among citizens on the national budget.

The sentiments come amid reports that local Malawians, remain ignorant of the formulation and implementation of the budget.

Amoni Muluwira, a part-time Local Governance, Administration and Public Finance Lecturer at the Chancellor College, said the country has a long way to go in order to bring the budget to the locals.

“Most citizens just hear that the budget has been passed by Parliament without being involved in the process,” he said.

Sharing Muluwira’s views, Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) officer, Mike Banda, said engaging citizens in public policy formulation is one way of strengthening the country’s democracy.

“Our country adopted a representative type of democracy which requires those elected in various positions to consult their subjects on what should be incorporated in the budget,” Muluwira added.


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