Kabwila concerned with Violence against Women

Malawi Parliamentary Women’s Caucus has expressed worry over women’s protection amid increased cases of violence against women in the country.

Chairperson of the Women’s Caucus, Dr Jessie Kabwira said it is unfortunate that some people are “exonerating violence against women” in the country.

She was speaking after visiting Sally Mkwezalamba, a Lilongwe woman who is in pain after being stabbed over debt issues.

Kabwira said it is sad that the incident follows a tragic death of a 30 year old woman, Mirriam Siula, who was brutally killed by her ex-boyfriend.

Kabwira questioned: “Do we value the lives of women or not? Do we fail to sleep because someone’s daughter has been beaten or killed?

The Salima North West Parliamentarian said she expects the Judiciary to “show that women’s lives matter.”

“Women lives matter in this country, when we are attacked, when we are killed, this country must know, it’s a human right issue,” she moaned.

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