No free Condoms in Likoma

St Peters hospital in Likoma, which operates as a district hospital, is running without free condoms, a development which has put people at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

Clinical Health Officer at the hospital, Felix Waya, told YFM online that the district has not received condoms for a couple of months now.

Waya said this has forced the youth to indulge in unprotected sex thereby risking their lives.

He said this has in turn raised the number of sexually transmitted infections.

“We have run out of condoms so for the youth it’s likely that whenever they are engaging in sexual activities they are not using condoms,” he said.

Waya said although the condoms are available in shops, many Islanders rely on free condoms from the hospital

Likoma District consists of two main islands, Likoma and Chizumulu in Lake Malawi.

The Northern Region district has a population of 14,000.


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