Uladi accuses fellow PP officials over leadership

People’s Party acting President Uladi Mussa has accused his fellow senior party officials of playing hide and seek over the party’s leadership following his interest to be the party’s presidential aspirant in the 2019 elections.

Mussa said this following a Friday morning meeting, which he feigned ignorance about, saying he is the only person who is supposed to call for any senior level meeting for the party.

Mussa, said it is now official that the party’s founder and former head of state, Joyce Banda, who is in self-exile is no longer returning to lead the party.

“It’s very true that l have personal interest of becoming the presidential candidate and the president of PP seeing that Dr Joyce Banda is not interested to come to Malawi to contest on PP ticket,” he said.

Mussa added that the former Malawi leader is aware of his ambitions.

“We started two years ago discussing the way forward of the party, she is fully aware of this,” he said.

Mussa, however, downplayed assertions that the party is in crisis by claiming that its members need to follow the party’s constitution and the necessary procedures to ensure peace and order.

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