Political parties warned over infights

A Political Analyst has called on the country’s political parties to put their houses in order if Malawians are to give them a vote of trust in the 2019 tripartite polls.

Emily Mkamanga made the request with reference to the recent presidency squabbles in the Peoples Party (PP).

Mkamanga said the infighting is due to power hunger among politicians.

“Everyone wants to be a leader but that cannot sustain their parties. I would suggest that whosoever is longing for leadership position must wait for party conventions.” said soft spoken Mkamanga.

She said that all political parties ought to do their homework if they are to remain relevant to Malawians before the polls.

“Yesterday it was the main opposition Malawi Congress Party, today its PP. I would be quick to say that currently all parties are in a mess right now,” he said.

The analyst cautioned that the failure to resolve the challenges may lead to “voter apathy” during the 2019 polls.

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