Zomba City Council to extend boundaries

Zomba City Council (ZCC) has unveiled plans to extend its boundaries in an effort to incorporate the growing population that seem to be out of the boundaries.

The Council’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dyson Jangiya told YFM online that the current boundaries are no longer relevant with the current situation.

“The boundaries are very old, they were made during the colonial era, but now the city has grown that it can no longer be contained in the current boundaries,” he explained.

Jangiya added that many people are constructing and investing outside the city boundaries which is a rural set up with little or no profits.

He said the extension will also create more land for industrial sites which will create more job opportunities as well as boost the economy.

Jangiya added: “Zomba is lurking behind in industrial and manufacturing due to the issue of land, so the extension will create more land for such developments.”

“The extension will also ease communication and transportation which is crucial for international trade and tourism industry.”

Zomba, Malawi’s old capital city has a population of approximately of hundred and fifty thousand.

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