Politicians accused of continued abuse of CDF

The Constituency Development Fund (CDF) is still in danger of being mismanaged due to continued lack of coordination among members of Parliament, Ward councilors and Area Development Committees (ADC’s).

Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) Programs Officer, Chrispin Chavula, disclosed this after a three day visit to three constituencies of Chisi, Ntonya and Likangala in Zomba district.

The aim of the visits was to appreciate how the 2016/2017 CDF resources were managed in these constituencies.

Chavula said lack of coordination among development partners at local level is a big challenge.

“There is no transparency and accountability to an extent that MPs are conducting development works without consulting ADCs from their constituencies,” said Chavula.

ADC chairperson fromTraditional Authority Mwambo, Fredrick Nawanje, concurred with Chavula and added that the challenges are usually fueled by political interferences.

“Those people in high authorities prefer their political affiliates to lead the development projects sidelining the ADCs.”

“This derails transparency and accountability.”

MEJN is expected to invite all stake holders to a meeting where the organization will present its findings and map forward on how to tackle the challenges.

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