Malawi to roll out malaria vaccine in 2018

The world’s first malaria vaccine is expected to roll out in 2018, with over 200, 000 children targeted to benefit from the initiative in Malawi.

This follows trials conducted in seven different countries including Malawi.

The RTS,S vaccine trains the immune system to attack the malaria parasite, which is spread by mosquito bites.

UNC Project Malawi, Country Director, Innocent Mofolo told YFM online that the vaccine will help to protect children from malaria.

“Malawi had the opportunity three years ago to participate in a clinical trial for a malaria vaccine. The trials were conducted in seven countries and eleven sites that included Malawi,”

Mofolo said the trials were successful and 1, 600 children were vaccinated in Malawi.

According to the World Health Organization, (WHO) Malawi was one of the three African countries selected for the first malaria vaccine implementation in part because of their strong malaria and immunization programmes.

The vaccine is meant to be used with the core package of WHO-recommended measures for malaria prevention such as mosquito nets, preventive drugs and indoor spraying.

Malaria is one the leading causes of death in Malawi especially among children.

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