Council under fire over poor service delivery

Jali Market Vendors in Zomba district have bemoaned the poor service delivery by the district council.

Chairperson of the vendors Patrick Kholiyo, said the market has no water and has one toilet, a situation which he claims is putting their lives at risk.

Kholiyo said they have been presenting their grievances to the authorities but the issues have not been dealt with.

“Ironically we pay the daily market fee and Jali is one of the markets that the council collects more revenues,” he said.

Kholiyo also alleged that the market revenue collectors are involved in corrupt practices.

‘The revenue collectors sometimes collect food or other items from the vendors instead of money as recommended,” said Kholiyo.

The vendors begun to boycott paying the market fees from 7 October, 2017 to force the authorities to act on the issues.

Zomba District Council Director of Finance Andrew Jafali, admitted knowledge of the boycott but was quick to express ignorance on the corrupt allegations.

Jafali however asked for more time to investigate the matter.

Zomba District Council collects about K70, 000 in market fees from the vendors every day.

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