Analyst says poll results not surprising

A Chancellor College based Political Commentator Ernest Thindwa says he is not surprised with the outcome of Tuesday’s by-elections.

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) outsmarted the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the polls by scooping all three parliamentary seats and two ward councillors.

Thindwa said the results have shown that the DPP led government has not performed according to expectations of Malawians.

He said the results of a  survey by a research network, Afrobarometer, which disclosed that MCP is likely to win the next elections in the country have been vindicated.

“There was an indication that if elections were to be held today the MCP would win. Ideally DPP has not listened to people’s voices. There are issues to do with corruption, nepotism, public service delivery, the DPP hasn’t delivered on these key issues,” he said

Thindwa said the results should send a message to DPP so that the party should stop being arrogant.

He however warned MCP not to get too excited with the results.

“MCP should not take it this win for granted because anything can happen between now and 2019,” Thindwa said.

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