Mutharika pressured to act on ‘blood vampires’

Pressure is mounting for President Peter Mutharika to act swiftly on blood-sucking rumours which are slowly getting out of hand.

The call comes after an epileptic was burnt to death on Thursday by an angry mob in Chileka, Blantyre on suspicion that he was a ”blood-sucker”.

This happened though the deceased had a Health Passport book which was indicating that he was a patient.

The mob also caused chaos by blocking the road to Chileka International Airport with stones and burnt tyres as they claimed to be looking for “blood suckers.”

Last night thugs who were claiming to be looking for blood suckers also attacked a general surgeon at Queens Elizabeth Central hospital in Blantyre Dr. Rodrick Vale Banda in Chileka on his way home from work.

”After performing a successful operation last night, I was driving home at around 23:30, I met a group of young guys just after Kameza (Chileka road) who almost took my life,” reads Dr. Banda‚Äôs Facebook status.

”In an attempt to turn back I fell into a drain, they had me surrounded carrying stones and some panga knives.

”I told them, am a doctor not A BLOOD SUCKER and I was coming from the hospital.

Dr. Banda added; ”By God’s Grace they understood me, helped me and took the only cash I had in my wallet.”

Two weeks ago, the United Nations Department of Safety and Security released a report on the security situation in Mulanje and Phalombe districts with detailed findings and some recommendations.

It stated; “If these rumours are not controlled, they will spread to other districts”.

The report also stated that the blood-sucking rumours are being promoted by elements of criminality that are seeking to hijack the situation.

At least nine people have been killed so far since the blood-sucking rumours stated to spread in the southern districts of Mulanje, Thyolo, Phalombe and Chiradzulu.

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