Blood sucking rumours an indication of a mass hysteria

The Society of Medical Doctors (SMD) has described the blood sucking rumours as a form of a mass hysteria.

This was revealed at a press briefing which the society hosted in Lilongwe in relation with the increasing rumours of blood suckers which have led to loss of lives and property in some districts in the southern region.

The health sector has also been equally affected with the rumours with the recent case of a medical doctor who was about to be attacked by mobs for having a stethoscope on his neck.

The society’s President, Amos Nyaka said these rumours have a potential of denigrating the gains that Malawi has made towards improving the health status of the citizenry.

”These rumours are creating stress to many people and other people are taking advantage of the situation to vandalize property and kill others,” Nyaka explained.

According to the Malawi Police service 9 people have lost their lives for being suspected of being blood suckers.

A further 140 people are in police custody for perpetuating violence against other people for suspecting them to be blood suckers.

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