Zathu Band sets eyes on album launch

Zathu Brand says young people should expect more music, shocking revelations and drama in season two of Zathu Pa Wailesi radio show which will be launched on the 6th of November this year.

The Brand Publicist Zilanie Gondwe disclosed this during one of the roadshows conducted at Bisa Primary School in Machinga district as one way of giving students the live version of the radio show and an opportunity to interact with the cast.

Zathu Pa Wailesi road shows began on 19th October in the four districts of Lilongwe, Machinga, Zomba and Mzimba.

Speaking to YFM, Gondwe said all the favorites of season one have been featured in season two and that includes a new album by Zathu band.

Since the launch of the radio series in April, Zathu Band has released two hit singles namely “Zimatere Zimatere” and “Sitigonja”.

Season two kicks off with the third song “Panga Zako” which is a clear and joyous expression of courage and identity of young people.

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