Government for higher contraceptive uptake among youths

The Ministry of Health says it is committed to strengthen the uptake of modern contraceptive methods among the youth in the country in a bid to reduce rapid population growth and the fertility rate.

The Director of Reproductive Health Services in the Ministry, Funny Kachali made the remarks during the Civil Society Forum in Lilongwe, which was organized by the FP2020 to review and strengthen the uptake of family planning methods in the country.

Kachali said family planning is a development and population issue hence the need to put in much emphasis and increase its uptake among the young people who are a more reproductive group.

“Family planning is not just a health issue, it is also linked to development and population, therefore it will be of great importance if we put much emphasis on the youths uptake of the family planning/ contraceptive methods bearing in mind that they are the most reproductive group of people,” she explained.

Kachali further added that “strengthening and increasing the uptake of contraceptives will surely lead to a reduced population growth and also the total fertility rate.”

Nevertheless Kachali said their ministry together with its partners is investing more in the initiative to bring forth positive results.

The Civil Society meeting, brought together all organizations that work with the youths and also reproductive health issues, to discuss more effective and possible steps to work on to increase the uptake of the contraceptives towards achieving its commitment on the FP2020.

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