YONECO ‘committed to fight child abuse’

Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) says it is committed to protecting children and young people from different forms of violence and abuse.

The remarks comes days down the line since the organization joined the rest of the world in observing 19 Days of activism for prevention of violence against children and youth campaign.

YONECO Media, Networking, Advocacy and Innovations Manager Charles Banda, said they have a number of initiatives that are focusing on child protection.

Banda cited the Tithandizane National Helpline which is free and accessible on all networks by dialing 116.

He said through this line YONECO provides access to information on child protection and reporting mechanism for cases that have taken place against children.

Banda also mentioned YFM as another medium used to disseminate awareness messages against child and youth violence and abuse.

“We have radio programs that are specifically designed to raise awareness against different forms of abuse and we are broadcasting them on YFM,” said Banda.

YONECO is also actively participating in a number of platforms where it is a member at district and national level where it also contributes its efforts and ideas to make sure that children and young people are safe in the country.

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