Government warns cement vendors over price increases

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism has warned that it will take punitive action against vendors who are taking advantage of cement shortage in the country to overcharge consumers.

Vendors have taken advantage of the ongoing scarcity of cement on the market to overcharge the commodity from between K6000 and K6500 to about K10000 per a 50kg bag.

Spokesperson for the Ministry Wiskes Mkombezi, told YFM that government will take punitive measures against anyone offering prices higher than recommended ones.

“The price of a 50kg cement bag is between MK6, 000 and MK6, 500 but other sellers are charging up to Mk10, 000 per 50kg which is illegal,” he explained.

Mkombezi said the Ministry held discussions with industry players on the matter.

He also said the Ministry issued import permits for cement in order to fill the existing gap of cement supply.

“However Government is still monitoring the situation to ensure that the commodity is available on the market,” he said.

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