Government calls for integrity in the NGO sector

Government has asked non-governmental organizations in the country to discharge their duties with utmost integrity.

The Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Dr. Jean Kalirani made the call in Lilongwe on Thursday during the Annual General Meeting for the Council for Non-Governmental Organizations – CONGOMA.

Dr. Kalirani expressed concern that some NGO’s do not comply with the demands of the Ministry by failing to report on how they are managing resources.

“My Ministry requires reports on how integral they have used resources obtained in the name of poor Malawians but that is not forthcoming,” Kalirani told YFM online while adding that the issue is big concern.

Dr. Kalilani described the failure by NGO’s to produce reports as stipulated in the NGO act as uncalled for.

She said monthly or annual reports which every NGO is supposed to send to the Ministry helps the Ministry to track on how prudent the NGO’S are managing the over K240 Billion in funding that is channeled to NGO’s every year.

Dr. Kalirani has since asked NGO’s to improve on resource management and transparency in order to give government a hand.

“Government alone cannot address all the challenges facing the country so we need them every time,” she added.

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