MLW’s “science for all project” to enhance science careers

The Malawi Liverpool Welcome Trust says it will look into the issue of  access to laboratory equipment in schools where the organization is implementing its “Science for All” project.

The project is encouraging primary pupils and secondary school students to take up science careers particularly, biomedical science.

In an interview with YFM online MLW’s Communications and Policy Coordinator Pauline Hellen Mlogeni, said the project is progressing very well and that they will soon be holding career guidance talks as well as premiering a film by  Dr. Kondwani Jambo, one of the scientists in the country.

“Our aim is to encourage pupils and students to take up science careers especially bio medical science.We are pleased with the strides which the project has made so far and  currently  working in 22 schools in the South East, South West as well as the Shire Highlands education divisions.”

“This is a one year project and we are currently focusing on the career guidance aspect so we will ensure  that we engage the schools to find out what  hindrances  are impacting on the pupils and students to  science,”she said.

Malawi Liverpool  Welcome Trust is committed to improve health research in the country through various projects it is implementing.

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