Malawi in dental and oral health campaign

Government has advised Malawians to observe their diet in order to prevent different mouth diseases.

The advice has come following the National Dental and Oral Health Week where Malawians are encouraged to regularly check the healthy status of their mouth.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Joshua Malango commended Malawians on how they are now using the information from such campaigns.

“This is one way of telling us that the campaigns are baring fruits,” he said.

Malango has also been advised people to conscious with what they usually eat.

He also called on people to have regular visits to dental therapists for check up since some dental problems cannot be merely identified.

Malango disclosed that this year’s campaign is targeting children from the age of six to nine in different primary schools.

“We are hopeful that 300,000 pupils will benefit from the initiative where they will be provided with fluoride toothpaste.”

“They will be taught on different ways to care for their mouth because oral dental health does not only focus on the teeth only but the whole mouth,” he said.

The Dental and Oral Health Week started on the November 13 and ends on the November 18, 2017.

The theme of this year’s campaign is ‘it all starts here, healthy mouth, healthy body’.

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