Segal Family Foundation for promotion of innovation

Segal Family Foundation says it is committed to promoting local leaders and young social entrepreneurs in the country.

The remark was made in Lilongwe on Thursday where the foundation organized an expo in a bid to bring together different leaders and social entrepreneurs to showcase their talent and products

The expo targeted different organizations especially those who are in partnership with Segal Family Foundation through Social Impact Incubator.

Social Impact Incubator originated in 2013 to foster collaboration between local organizations, connect indigenous non-governmental organizations to capacity building resources and attract new funding for exciting grass root leaders.

Speaking to YFM online, Director of Special Projects at the Foundation Dedo .N. Baranshamaje said they believe in innovation and creativity of local leaders hence the need to promote them.

“We believe in a world where community leaders and local entrepreneurs stir development and create impact in their communities using innovation.

“For that to happen it is also important for the leaders and the entrepreneurs to be seen and recognized,” said Baranshamaje.

The expo attracted organizations including Youth net and Counselling (YONECO) Fount for Nations, Age Africa among others.

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