Parliamentarian requests for security amid border row

Member of Parliament for Mangochi North Benedicto Chambo has requested Government to deploy mobile police service in his area to protect people living around Lukono border from Mozambican Police who he claims are harassing local people.

Chambo made the request to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security in parliament on Tuesday saying the situation is getting worse.

He said the situation follows unresolved boarder conflict between Malawi and Mozambique at Lukono border.

“Since my birth the area has been for Malawi and the beacons that were there during border demarcation before this re-bordering shows that about fifteen to seventeen kilometres from Lukono border inside Mozambique is where Malawi boundary is,” he said.

Chambo disclosed that the Mozambicans have taken Lukono border, three kilometres from their border entering into Malawi.

“Farms for our people in the villages of Lukono, M’madi, Luwesa, Bwanasani, Ngwati, Makunula are in Mozambique but then there were in Malawi.”

Chambo added: “The Mozambican Police guard the borders and now they have even chased the Malawi Police Officers at Lukono border to a distance of about four to five kilometres at Luwesa Bridge where there is now our roadblock.”

In her response, Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Cecilia Chazama said there are in contact with their Mozambican counterparts on the issue.

“We do agree that some of our borders are porous that’s why as Government we are intensifying deployment of more officers along our borders whether border posts or border Police Units,” she said.

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